Review Of: Fake it Till You Bake it

By: Jamie Wesley

Publication Date: June 2022

Four Stars!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the Advance Review Copy.

Jada, a rich, spoiled 25 year old is forced to work at a cupcake shop to prove she’s responsible before her grandmother releases her trust fund to her.

Donovan, the owner of the cupcake shop is a professional athlete and plays for the team that is owned by Jada’s grandmother.

The only problem is they’ve already met when she insulted him and his cupcakes! A spontaneous move on Jada’s part one afternoon has them fake dating in order to save Jada from a recent scandal and to try to increase cupcake sales. While ‘pretending’ to enjoy each other’s company, true feelings surface but they try hard to ignore them.

I loved this book. It was cute, fun, and while predictable, a gripping romance story full of tension. I even bought all the ingredients to make cupcakes as I read! I disliked Jada in the first couple of chapters. Her bullying and arrogance worried me, but once she showed us her vulnerabilities, she was a much more likeable character. Overall, she had a fantastic character Arc.  I loved her Grandmother’s and Donovan’s support. GREAT characters!

The only issue that prevented me from giving it 5 stars was the many sudden, unexpected POV shifts within the same paragraph! It pulled me out of the story each time and had me thinking about who’s head I was in at that moment. There were a few dialogue scenes that confused me as well. Mainly because it either didn’t fit or I wasn’t sure who was speaking. I hope these are addressed as part of final edits and cleaned up. Other than those two points, it was spot on and enjoyable.

Book Review: Reecah’s Flight

RFBook Title: Reecah’s Flight
Book 1 in the Legends of the Lurker Series
Author:  Richard H. Stephens
Genre: Fantasy

Book Summary: Reecah is a young girl with hopes and dreams of flying. She is loved by her Grandparents, having lost her own parents, that is until she too, loses them as well. Left on her own to survive in a time when dragons roam the town and threaten the livelihood of many townspeople, Reecah’s journey begins as she unwillingly unravels her family’s secrets, and an unlikely friendship with dragons develops.


My Review: This is an epic fantasy book about not only dragons, but talking dragons, talking birds, trolls and witches.  I enjoyed many aspects of this book, the main character Reecah herself, Raver her bird, the story line, and the writing style.

I loved the opening line:

“Poppa, do you think I’ll ever be able to fly”?

“Of course, little poppet. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

This line was more than just an opening line, it offered insight into the relationships explored in this book, and it hinted on some of the themes. I was hooked from that line on.  I would have finished this book in less than the week it took me to read, but life gets busy, and I had to force myself to put it down at times to go do the much needed household chores. I read the majority of the book, however, in one sitting.

The pacing was smooth, not too much action all the time, allowing the reader to connect to the everyday struggles that Reecah goes through, but when needed, the author knew how to amp up the adventure, taking the reader on a well travelled epic journey.

The final battle at the end has left me with many questions. The ending was typical of a series in that there was some closure, but not much, so I am excited to read book 2, which just released this week!   Reecah’s Gift.

I’m rating this book 5 stars on Goodreads.




Life of an Author – When Life Gets Busy

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted on here, and for that, I’m truly sorry! But I have good reasons. Since my last post revealing the cover of The Angolan Girl I have released it to the world, had an amazing book launch at Indigo bookstore at the Cambridge Centre Mall, attended the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival, and now I’m getting ready for another book signing at the Book Express on Saturday Sept 28th. I have read many great books in between, posted about them on Instagram, and drafted my second novel. So, all this left me little time to blog! But now that The Angolan Girl is out in the world and being read and loved by readers, I can, once again, find balance.


launchHere’s a picture of the successful launch we had on July 13th!

Check back soon for more reviews on a regular basis on the books I read.

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Cover Reveal for: The Angolan Girl


I am thrilled to share the cover of my debut novel, The Angolan Girl


3D Anogolan Girl small

Title: The Angolan Girl

Author: Telma Rocha

Genre: Historical Fiction – Based on true life story

Publication Date: Coming July 2019 by Word Tree Publishing

Add The Angola Girl to your reading on goodreads today.


SummarySet in Angola, in the mid-1900s, THE ANGOLAN GIRL is a diverse, timeless, and heart provoking novel, but at heart, it is a coming of age story about life, struggles, choices, and escape from a war-ridden colony into Canadian soil.

In 1935 Lobito, Angola, Rosa is a quiet, naive, six-year-old girl who has much to learn about life, and she dreams of security and a family of her own. Forced from her current home, she goes to live with her aunt in Luanda, and during these years, and the years following her return home, Rosa suffers a great deal. She endures much loss in more ways than one, struggles with mental health, and feels alone and isolated.

During a time when the outlook on life is grim, she meets Leo, and together they embark on their journey. Rosa and Leo raise a family of their own, and soon, Rosa has everything she has ever wanted for her future, love, family, a home, and security.

Rosa rises above a difficult childhood, but can experiences alone give her enough courage and strength to pull her family out of chaos, and into safety when it all changes in 1974 and a Civil War breaks. During this time, Rosa’s life is once again tossed into turmoil and fearful situations. Rosa and her family are no longer safe, so they must flee their home and beloved country or risk everything they have worked for and remain prisoners of war.

Review of: Beautiful Bad

Author: Annie Ward
Publisher: Park Row Books/Harper Collins
Release Date: March 5, 2019
Genre: Thriller

*I received an advanced review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Summary: Maddie and Ian met overseas. She was a travel writer, and he worked for the army. After much drama, they fell in love, and eventually, the pair got married and created a life together in the United States. But this reunion has not always been easy going for the couple. There is history of PTSD, an unexplained accident during a family camping trip, and the new writing therapy sessions with a therapist. These events build and build, over time, right up until that dreadful afternoon, the afternoon of the 911 call that leads to the end, or possibly the beginning.

My Review: This book is extremely interesting in so many ways.  Like most thrillers, it has the usual build-up, anticipation, and multiple points of view that most thrillers have, but it also has much more.

This book has something that not many other thrillers have, and that is a deep, engaging backstory into the lives of the main characters, Maddie, Ian, and Maddie’s best friend, Jo.  The back story deals with real issues that hook you in just as much as the plot twists and main action does.

The story was well paced and flipped back and forth several times from present day to past, but this was done seamlessly and effortlessly. The ending, well, I thought I had it all figured out about halfway through, and I was sure proven wrong.

My only issue with the book was that the ending left me wanting more of a resolution. Not all aspects of the story were tied up and this left me in somewhat of a cliff-hanger. This would have been fine if I knew there was a second book, but I really do not know that at all. Perhaps there is one planned and a reader can only hope.

I rated the book four stars on my good reads.

Book Review: Two Heartbeats

Title: Two Heartbeats
Author: Rhonda Forrest
Summary: Jess grew up in foster homes after the death of her mother, due to drugs. Since childhood, Jess has looked out for herself and has never had anyone to depend on. She has fought hard for everything that she has and is not used to letting others in.

Daniel comes from a completely different background, years older than Jess, he owns his own business and prefers the life of solitude, countryside, and peace over the big city.

When Jess ends up working for Daniel, they find themselves at odds with each other. Two people could not be any more different. But, as time progresses, the two learn that they have more in common than they originally thought.

Can Jess overcome her childhood struggles and give others an opportunity to make her happy, or will she forever live in her own self-pity and grief while trying to fix everything on her own?

My Review: This book is not your typical, predictable love story. This book deals with themes of love but also self-struggle, and the fight against remaining locked up in oneself’s own misery, and the fear to open up and let others in.

I loved the story. I loved the writing and all the characters. Most of all, my favourite character that I connected to the most was Daniel. His ability to open up and look beyond the surface to find depth and meaning was remarkable.

Jess underwent her own period of growth during the story but I feel that Daniel’s growth was more significant and substantial, mainly because of the unpredictable ending. There is also a plot twist that I did not see coming, and just when I thought I had the ending figured out I was turned around in a 360° turn!

If you want a book that will surprise you, this is your next read.

Book Review: The Shack By The Bay

Title: The Shack by the Bay
Author: Lea Davey
Genre: Historical/Romance

Summary:  Abandoned by his mother after losing his father at a young age, Luke gets raised by his Grandparents. Luke is not your ordinary late twenties kind of guy. He is somewhat withdrawn and prefers the comfort of his own company and his boat, fishing. He spends much of his free time at his shack that his late Grandfather, Pa, left him.

When Luke discovers buried family history, he searches to find the truth. Meanwhile, meeting Lily throws a wrench into his plans and makes him question his lonely life.

This story is set in Australia. Filled with beautiful imagery, you will want to pack your bags and head there today. This story deals with themes of family, war, love, and self-discovery.

My Review: I loved this book so much and for many reasons. I read the majority of the book in one sitting.

The voice telling the story is captivating and devoured me whole.

The descriptions of the Australian setting were vivid, real, and brought to life through the words written on the page. I read each word slowly to fully engage in the scene and imagined I was there.

The characters were enjoyable to get to know and follow throughout the entire book. The romance between Lily and Luke was so well done that if you are not a romance kind of reader, you will still enjoy their progression and journey.

The history injected throughout was educational, intriguing, and brought depth to the story.

I loved the beginning, the pacing, the ending, and everything in-between. This was the author’s debut novel.

If you are looking for a book with meaning, substance, and enjoyable storyline with Romance and history, this is your next fantastic read!

I rated this five star on my Goodreads page.

Time Crawlers – Book Review

20190214_112437Title: Time Crawlers
Author: Varum Sayal
Genre: Science Fiction – Short Stories

This book is comprised of six, short, Science Fiction stories. Each story has its own unique angle.

I enjoyed these short Sci-Fi stories, each with their exclusive twits, originality, and thought-provoking ideas. This is a fast read, taking less than two hours, so if you don’t have time to devote to a long book and you enjoy Sci-Fi, this is the next read you should pick up.

I did, however, wish I connected more to the stories. I realized after reading these stories that I am more of a full-length novel kind of reader. I need the in-depth plot twists, background information, and detail that comes with full-length novels, in addition to the world building, to allow me to form connections with the characters. So as such, I did not connect much to any of the characters.  But the stories themselves have much potential and will be a great read for you if you love shorter books.

I rated this book three stars on my good reads page.

Book Review: A twisted Belief

downloadTitle: A Twisted Belief –  Book #1
Author: Pearl Khatri
Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Erabella has it all, a loving family, a finance she adores, and a loyal best friend. But when her world turns upside down, Era must make sacrifices so great that she could lose not only everyone around her, but also herself in the process.

My Review: I don’t even know where to begin with this book! This book has it all. High fantasy, love stories, witches, warlocks, sea monsters, human transformations, you name it, and this book has it.

The pacing was incredible, and not once was I ever bored or lost. There is enough back story to give the reader the necessary information to understand the setting and situations, but no so much that it overwhelms the reader.

There are twists upon twists that had me shutting the book at times in disbelief of what I just read.

What a vivid imagination the author has in order to come up with such a unique, vivid world and such memorable characters.

I loved Era’s character the most, and what I loved about her the best is that she is not a perfect protagonist. She has body image flaws, she has self-doubt, and struggles with insecurities.  She is therefore portrayed as a real, memorable character that many women can relate to on many levels.

Closing Thoughts: I rated this book five stars on my Goodreads. If you are a fantasy lover, you must read this book.