Title: Two Heartbeats
Author: Rhonda Forrest
Summary: Jess grew up in foster homes after the death of her mother, due to drugs. Since childhood, Jess has looked out for herself and has never had anyone to depend on. She has fought hard for everything that she has and is not used to letting others in.

Daniel comes from a completely different background, years older than Jess, he owns his own business and prefers the life of solitude, countryside, and peace over the big city.

When Jess ends up working for Daniel, they find themselves at odds with each other. Two people could not be any more different. But, as time progresses, the two learn that they have more in common than they originally thought.

Can Jess overcome her childhood struggles and give others an opportunity to make her happy, or will she forever live in her own self-pity and grief while trying to fix everything on her own?

My Review: This book is not your typical, predictable love story. This book deals with themes of love but also self-struggle, and the fight against remaining locked up in oneself’s own misery, and the fear to open up and let others in.

I loved the story. I loved the writing and all the characters. Most of all, my favourite character that I connected to the most was Daniel. His ability to open up and look beyond the surface to find depth and meaning was remarkable.

Jess underwent her own period of growth during the story but I feel that Daniel’s growth was more significant and substantial, mainly because of the unpredictable ending. There is also a plot twist that I did not see coming, and just when I thought I had the ending figured out I was turned around in a 360° turn!

If you want a book that will surprise you, this is your next read.

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