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My name is Telma Rocha, and I’m an avid book reviewer. I’m also a writer. On my blog, you’ll find all things book related!

My debut novel, THE ANGOLAN GIRL, is a Historical Fiction – Based On True Life story.

Set in Angola, in the mid-1900s, THE ANGOLAN GIRL is a diverse, timeless, and heart provoking novel, but at heart it is a coming of age true story, about life, struggles, choices, and escape from a war ridden colony into Canadian soil.

My second book FROM FAR AND WIDE is out and it’s a Contemporary Fiction.

You can now add The Angolan Girl and From Far and Wide to your Reading List on goodreads and BOTH can be purchased anywhere books are sold.


My third book TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS is another Contemporary Fictition, and a publication date for it will be set soon, so stay tuned for news! I spend a lot of time talking and posting about books on Instagram, so make sure to follow there.

My novels have been published in Portugues from Leabhar Books Publishing out of Brazil.

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