Title: The Shack by the Bay
Author: Lea Davey
Genre: Historical/Romance

Summary:  Abandoned by his mother after losing his father at a young age, Luke gets raised by his Grandparents. Luke is not your ordinary late twenties kind of guy. He is somewhat withdrawn and prefers the comfort of his own company and his boat, fishing. He spends much of his free time at his shack that his late Grandfather, Pa, left him.

When Luke discovers buried family history, he searches to find the truth. Meanwhile, meeting Lily throws a wrench into his plans and makes him question his lonely life.

This story is set in Australia. Filled with beautiful imagery, you will want to pack your bags and head there today. This story deals with themes of family, war, love, and self-discovery.

My Review: I loved this book so much and for many reasons. I read the majority of the book in one sitting.

The voice telling the story is captivating and devoured me whole.

The descriptions of the Australian setting were vivid, real, and brought to life through the words written on the page. I read each word slowly to fully engage in the scene and imagined I was there.

The characters were enjoyable to get to know and follow throughout the entire book. The romance between Lily and Luke was so well done that if you are not a romance kind of reader, you will still enjoy their progression and journey.

The history injected throughout was educational, intriguing, and brought depth to the story.

I loved the beginning, the pacing, the ending, and everything in-between. This was the author’s debut novel.

If you are looking for a book with meaning, substance, and enjoyable storyline with Romance and history, this is your next fantastic read!

I rated this five star on my Goodreads page.

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