20190214_112437Title: Time Crawlers
Author: Varum Sayal
Genre: Science Fiction – Short Stories

This book is comprised of six, short, Science Fiction stories. Each story has its own unique angle.

I enjoyed these short Sci-Fi stories, each with their exclusive twits, originality, and thought-provoking ideas. This is a fast read, taking less than two hours, so if you don’t have time to devote to a long book and you enjoy Sci-Fi, this is the next read you should pick up.

I did, however, wish I connected more to the stories. I realized after reading these stories that I am more of a full-length novel kind of reader. I need the in-depth plot twists, background information, and detail that comes with full-length novels, in addition to the world building, to allow me to form connections with the characters. So as such, I did not connect much to any of the characters.  But the stories themselves have much potential and will be a great read for you if you love shorter books.

I rated this book three stars on my good reads page.

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