downloadTitle: A Twisted Belief –  Book #1
Author: Pearl Khatri
Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Erabella has it all, a loving family, a finance she adores, and a loyal best friend. But when her world turns upside down, Era must make sacrifices so great that she could lose not only everyone around her, but also herself in the process.

My Review: I don’t even know where to begin with this book! This book has it all. High fantasy, love stories, witches, warlocks, sea monsters, human transformations, you name it, and this book has it.

The pacing was incredible, and not once was I ever bored or lost. There is enough back story to give the reader the necessary information to understand the setting and situations, but no so much that it overwhelms the reader.

There are twists upon twists that had me shutting the book at times in disbelief of what I just read.

What a vivid imagination the author has in order to come up with such a unique, vivid world and such memorable characters.

I loved Era’s character the most, and what I loved about her the best is that she is not a perfect protagonist. She has body image flaws, she has self-doubt, and struggles with insecurities.  She is therefore portrayed as a real, memorable character that many women can relate to on many levels.

Closing Thoughts: I rated this book five stars on my Goodreads. If you are a fantasy lover, you must read this book.

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