tfTitle: Twisted Fate Book #1
Author: Jessi Elliot
Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Aurora thinks she has her entire life mapped out, and everything under control. That is until she meets the gorgeous Tristan, Dark Fae leader, and then things turn upside down. Her life, as she knows it, is no more as she discovers a whole new world with Fae. As Dark Fae and Light Fae go to war, Aurora finds herself in the middle of it all.

My Review: It generally takes me about a week to read a book, and I read this one in two days. So this says a lot about this book with my busy schedule. Once you start this book, you will not want to put it down. It’s a page turner, all the way.
I connected with Aurora and Tristan right away, but I did not connect with any other character. I suppose this is alright, Aurora and Tristan are the two main characters.
I especially loved the tension between these two, it is steamy, and suspenseful. I liked the slow build up to their wild passion, and this left me wanting to know when they will finally get together.
The story pacing was decent, not too much detail, but enough that I formed an image of the world they live in.
The ending disappointed me though as I wanted a different outcome, but that is OK, there is another book, so hopefully I will get the ending I seek, in that book.
Closing Thoughts: If you are a fantasy lover, then I recommend you pick up this book. Note that you will put off anything else you have to do, until it’s finished.
I rated this book four stars on my Goodreads account.

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