41142078Title: To Dream Is to Die
Author: Sara Lampkin
Release Date: January 2019

Note: I received an Advance Review Copy from the publisher.

My Summary:  College student, Brenna, has an accident that kills her, but not enough to keep her in the realm of the dead forever. By day, she is a normal, average teenager, and by night, she leaves her body to roam the universe. While on the other side, she encounters a boy who can not only sees her spirit, but who is still alive. Together and along with another friend, the group discovers secrets that go back years, and they have the responsibly to solve these mysteries as dangerous, and deadly as they might be.

My Review: A paranormal fantasy/thriller with characters that are deep, real, and ones you will love to the end!

This is book one in the Dead Dreamer Series.

I really enjoyed this read. My favorite thing about this book are the characters. I connected with so many! Brenna’s edgy, fiery attitude struck me as intriguing. I was rooting for her from the beginning. Her two friends, are also well developed, secondary characters that helped to shape Brenna’s character arc. I even grew to like Erica towards the end, despite her sassy ways.

The story was well paced, and connecting to the characters so early on, helped with pacing. Since I was invested in the characters, I did not mind spending so much time in Brenna’s head.

The book is more character driven than action packed, and this surprised me, but it is not a disappointment, as I love a good character driven story.

My only issue with the book is the ending, and I wish there was more wrapped up. I do understand this is a series and so there needs to be much left to the imagination, but I would have liked to have some conclusions established on at least some of the minor plots. I suppose this leaves a huge cliff hanger on many accounts.

Closing Thoughts: A well-crafted, and great written Debut Novel! I give this book four stars on my Goodreads page. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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