RFBook Title: Reecah’s Flight
Book 1 in the Legends of the Lurker Series
Author:  Richard H. Stephens
Genre: Fantasy

Book Summary: Reecah is a young girl with hopes and dreams of flying. She is loved by her Grandparents, having lost her own parents, that is until she too, loses them as well. Left on her own to survive in a time when dragons roam the town and threaten the livelihood of many townspeople, Reecah’s journey begins as she unwillingly unravels her family’s secrets, and an unlikely friendship with dragons develops.


My Review: This is an epic fantasy book about not only dragons, but talking dragons, talking birds, trolls and witches.  I enjoyed many aspects of this book, the main character Reecah herself, Raver her bird, the story line, and the writing style.

I loved the opening line:

“Poppa, do you think I’ll ever be able to fly”?

“Of course, little poppet. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

This line was more than just an opening line, it offered insight into the relationships explored in this book, and it hinted on some of the themes. I was hooked from that line on.  I would have finished this book in less than the week it took me to read, but life gets busy, and I had to force myself to put it down at times to go do the much needed household chores. I read the majority of the book, however, in one sitting.

The pacing was smooth, not too much action all the time, allowing the reader to connect to the everyday struggles that Reecah goes through, but when needed, the author knew how to amp up the adventure, taking the reader on a well travelled epic journey.

The final battle at the end has left me with many questions. The ending was typical of a series in that there was some closure, but not much, so I am excited to read book 2, which just released this week!   Reecah’s Gift.

I’m rating this book 5 stars on Goodreads.




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