I know it has been a while since I’ve posted on here, and for that, I’m truly sorry! But I have good reasons. Since my last post revealing the cover of The Angolan Girl I have released it to the world, had an amazing book launch at Indigo bookstore at the Cambridge Centre Mall, attended the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival, and now I’m getting ready for another book signing at the Book Express on Saturday Sept 28th. I have read many great books in between, posted about them on Instagram, and drafted my second novel. So, all this left me little time to blog! But now that The Angolan Girl is out in the world and being read and loved by readers, I can, once again, find balance.


launchHere’s a picture of the successful launch we had on July 13th!

Check back soon for more reviews on a regular basis on the books I read.

To learn more about The Angolan Girl, you can visit my website: Telmarocha.com
Happy Reading Bookworms!

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