chasing ivyTitle: Chasing Ivy
Release Date: November 15, 2018
Author: S.J Sylvis
Genre: Romance

Note: I received an Advance Review Copy from the Author, in exchange for an honest review.

My Summary: Dawson and Ivy pretend to be nothing more than best friends.  Everyone around them knows that the two are more than that. Dawson and Ivy are the only ones that do not see this. They suppress their deepest feelings and are afraid if they take the plunge it will change their friendship. One horrific day, they are separated by force with no communication for six years. When reunited again in their Twenties, they must face the feelings they suppressed years ago, only now there are other problems standing in their path to happiness. Can they overcome these obstacles and remain morally true to themselves?

My Review: I really enjoyed this book!

The story is told through the perspectives of the two main characters. This book is a stand alone companion novel to the Oak Hill Series.  This is the first book in the series.

This is a lustful read, full of humor with a genuine protagonist that I can relate to in many ways. Ivy’s clumsiness, and ability to fall easily had me laughing out loud.

I loved the sisterly bond between Ivy and Mia. Ivy brings a new meaning to the term ‘Protective Older Sister’ and being an older sister myself, I related to her.

There are some well-developed secondary characters that I enjoyed reading and getting to know. I liked Ivy’s best friend’s character, and Dawson’s brother.  The two secondary characters are well developed with their own interesting story lines, and they each contributed a great deal to the overall story arc, and plot.

This book is not intended for young readers; because it contains many explicit sexual scenes that are intended for a mature reader. So, if you are an adult and interested in a fun, steamy read, then this is the next book for you! I rated this book four stars on my good reads.  Looking forward to reading the other books in the Oak Hill series.

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