ssTitle: Silkworm Secrets
Author: Lea Davey
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Summary:  Ruby Rose and Bobby share a special bond that includes, a tree-house, close friendship, and secrets so deep they call ‘Silkworm Secrets’

Their tree-house is situation up high affording them views they do not wish to have, and into yards of unpredictable people. The two close friends are separated during their teenage years due to circumstance, but twenty-five years later, Ruby Rose and Bobby are reunited once again by the same circumstances that tore them apart all those years ago.

Is the friendship they shared decades ago strong enough to survive years apart from one another?

My Review: This is the type of book that leaves you wanting more, the type of book that deserves more hype.  I can guarantee you that that when you finish this, you will want more of the setting, more of the writing, more of the characters, and more of the story itself.  I loved this book tremendously, from page one, until the last word was written.  I could not get enough, and I stayed up way too late to try to finish it, and I love my sleep and do not sacrifice that for many things. So this alone tells you something.

The author nailed the pacing smoothly. The story begins in the early 1970’s, and then fast forwards twenty-five years, and the transition in time was seamless, and I found myself instantly growing along side Ruby as she suddenly matured from a young naive girl, into a women.

This book does deal with heavy themes of child abuse, but it also portrays so beautifully the relationship between a daughter and a father.  The bond that Ruby Rose and her father share is one so special that my heart melted several times over.

I loved all of the characters, they are characters that I can relate to well. I loved the Australian setting and all the wonderful and vivid descriptions of the Australian outback and ocean.  The writing is so eloquent, the words flowed off the page.

This was my first book by this author, but it will most definitely not  be my last. The next book I purchase will certainly be another one by this author.

Closing Thoughts: I rated this book Five Stars on my Good reads page. If you are looking for a heart wrenching, fulfilling family filled drama, this is the next book for you!  This is on my top list of favorite books read so far this year, and I have read a lot of books!

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