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pic1In the Assassin’s Arms

Author:  Katherine Hastings

Series: Dagger of Desire

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Fiery Seas Everlasting

Release Date: July 10, 2018


John Douglas may be a well-trained political assassin, but he has met his match in the woman he once called a friend. When his childhood playmate reenters his life, she’s not looking to rekindle their friendship… she’s out for blood.

With a vendetta to settle, Charlotte Cornewalle isn’t stopping until she finds the man who killed her father. All signs point to Robert Douglas, the leader of the opposing faction of assassins… and John’s father. To get her revenge, no one will stand in her way… not even the boy she once adored.

Fate forces them together as they fight to prove their innocence and right the wrongs they have suffered. Sparks fly from more than just their swords, but will they be able to put the past behind them? Will they be able to find the truth before it destroys them both?

My Review:

I really liked the book.  This is an entertaining, well written, very fast, and easy read that I got through quickly!

The idea for the story is an interesting one.  It encompasses history, assassinations, romance, family duels, and treachery.  The story does however not go into any great detail on any one of these subjects.  It really is a light read.

The story starts off when the main characters are young, around the age of 10, and then forwards to the present day, when both John and Charlotte are young adults.  This is the timeline for the remainder, and majority of the book.

I liked John’s character best, he is one of the main characters in the story. His loyalty to his father shines through many times, even though that loyalty is tested, and when all fingers are pointed towards his father, John remains loyal, and protective of him, right through to the end.

I liked that the romance between the two main characters, John and Charlotte was not spontaneous, and an instant attraction, but rather this romance, and attraction to one another, stemmed from their childhood friendship, and crushes on each other, from earlier on.

I liked the ending of the book, and it leaves the reader wanting more, so I am happy this is part of a series as I want to continue the adventure with John and Charlotte in book 2.

My only issue with the book was that I would like to have had more back story on Charlotte’s up-bringing after the death of her father. This would have allowed for more of a connection to her, and provided her character with a bit more depth.

Closing Thoughts: Overall, I enjoyed this book!  The book is categorized as a historical romance, so its intended to be more of a light read, and in this category, it delivered!

I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.   I recommend this book if you are looking for a FAST and EASY read. This is a perfect book for the summer time,   It does not require a lot of investment, and still brings you an interesting story that hooks the reader immediately.






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pic2About the Author:

Katherine Hastings loves love. It’s why she writes romance novels. Getting lost writing a romantic adventure is one of her favorite pastimes. When she’s not on an adventure in her mind with her characters, she can be found at her home in Wisconsin snuggling her husband, two Boston Terriers, and the world’s naughtiest cat. Two things make Katherine want to leave her happy home these days… going for rides on her dressage pony or floating at the beach in her big inflatable raft. Writing her novels while floating in the lake is one of her ultimate pleasures… that and Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds, of course.










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