Author:  Allison Mullinax

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Release Date: Aug 7th, 2018

Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing

Note: I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for my honest review.

Synopsis: Sometimes you must let love go, to find it again.  This is Dean’s and Cassie’s story.  Only, can they really find love again, after loving each other?

The two were once very much in love, making plans together, but fast forward now eight years later, they go through great lengths to avoid one another.  It makes it easier that Dean has moved away, further North, and Cassie remained down in the south, creating physical distance between the two.  But does this distance truly help each of them heal from the relationship that was so abruptly torn apart, all those year ago?

For eight years, Dean avoids coming home, so that he does not have to encounter Cassie, but when his sister’s weeding weekend arrives, Dean is forced to return back to his beach homeland, where all the memories of Cassie are still very much prevalent today, as they were eight years ago.

My Review: I  really liked this book.  The fact that I read this entire book in one sitting, tells you that I could not put it down, as I was hooked immediately.  I have read a few books already this summer that I considered to be the perfect summertime read, and this one is most  definitely the top of the ‘must read’ for summer time.  Everything about this book screams summer: The romance, the setting, the wedding planning, the outdoor beach restaurant, even the storm!  I was literally floating on my pool lounger while reading this entire book, and I was taken away by the books setting to the beach the entire time, fully engaged in the lives of Dean and Cassie.

I fell in love with Dean and Cassie right away, and I was so investigated in their relationship, I think even more so than they were at first.  There is some suspense written into the story, as to why the relationship ended, and this just made me want to keep reading, as I needed to find out why this couple who was so in love, so committed to one another ended up with such a sad outcome.  There are little clues and hits mentioned throughout the book, but it is not until the very end that it all comes to light, and the truth is revealed.

The book was not at all predictable, and threw me for a loop in the end.

Closing thoughts:  I give this book 4 stars out of 5! This is a fast read, you will get through it in a day most likely!    I recommend this book If you like romance, and if you do, then you will be hooked right away as well.  This truly is the perfect summertime read that belongs in EVERY beach bag!

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