Title: The Stars Forgot Us

Author: R.J Garcia

Publication Date: March 30th, 2022 by Midnight Tide Publishing

Genre: ParanormalSuspenseYoung Adult

Rating: Five Stars!

Book Summary: Fifteen-year-old Jacob returns to his hometown with his mother and brother to start over. When strange things begin to happen, Jacob questions what is real and what he’s simply imagining. After discovering a teenage girl named Ary, secretly living in his house, Jacob takes it upon himself to help her, even if it means going against his mom and the authorities.

After spending some time together, Ary and Jacob form a connection, and Ary comes clean about why she’s in hiding and about her past. Jacob enlists the help of his cousin and friend to help him unravel the truth behind Ary’s strange predicament and the bond he and her form makes him do the unthinkable! Against his better judgment, he goes to the house where Ary ran from, the house that he knows he should stay away from.

Is Ary suffering from a mental illness, like his brother, or is she really running away from evil? Jacob stops at nothing to find out.

My Thoughts: I loved this book! It captured me from the get-go, and never let go.

This is a young adult/coming-of-age mystery full of eery suspense and creepy vibes, in a good way. It reminded me of Stranger Things, and I LOVED that show! The book is written in first-person perspective and it is mainly in Jacob’s POV, but Ary does have a few chapters where we get to dive deep into her memories to learn more about her chilling past. Jacob is sweet, good-natured, and his desire to want to help and protect Ary was endearing, especially for a boy his age. I loved the twist at the end!

I recommend this to anyone who likes paranormal, suspense, with young love intertwined. R.J Garcia has done it again with another spellbinding, twisty treat that you won’t want to put down until it’s finished, and even then, you’ll be wanting more.

Five Stars.

Happy Publication Day! This book is now available for sale.

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