chasing ivy*TITLE: Chasing Ivy
*SERIES: Oak Hill Series (All standalone’s)
*AUTHOR: S.J Sylvis

*BLURB: Six years ago, I had a best friend with sky-blue eyes,
purposefully messy brown hair, and a body that made every single girl drool
on sight. I would know—it drove me absolutely crazy…until I was the one
doing the drooling.

Our days were filled with stomach-hurting laughter accompanied by easy
conversation, and our nights were filled with secret, awkward teenage

But that was when Dawson was just my best friend. Nothing more, nothing

And then… it was more.

It’s a memory I pretend to see through blurry eyes, hazed by passing years
of no communication. The one night that my heart was suddenly soaring
through the starry night, only to catch fire as it rapidly descended
seconds later.

Six years was a long time to get my heart under control. A lot has changed,
and yet here I am, still drooling over Dawson—my ex best friend.

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Publication Date is November 15th, 2018!

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