20180903_123547Title: The Nightingale
By Kristin Hannah
Genre:  Historical Fiction

My Synopsis: The Nightingale is a lovely, but sad story of two estranged sisters living through an occupied France during WW2.   Although sisters, Isabelle and Vianne could not be any more different.  Isabelle is fearless, adventurous, a risk taker, while Vianne is a rule setter and follower, and loving mother.  Vianne fears for not only her life but also for the life of her husband taken by the Germans, and the life of her young daughter.

The sister’s each face their own troubles, and challenges and deal with difficult life situations as best as they can.  The Nightingale is more than just a war story, it’s a love story between parents and children,  It’s a story about courage, and it’s all set again the devastating backdrop of war.

My Review: I loved this book.  This is a beautiful tale of sisterhood, love, war, and everything in between.  This is my first Kristin Hannah book, but it most certainly will not be my last. I am only sorry that I have not discovered her writing sooner.

The writing is beautiful, and eloquent.  The story is well paced, and the characters are real, and as a reader, you can relate to them.  I love Vianne’s character best as she reminds me most of myself, but I also love Isabelle and the dynamics her character brings to the story.  I love both of the sister’s transformations throughout the book.

Their fathers character is interesting to say the least.  I have so many opinions and questions about his character, and I cannot wait to discuss my thoughts with others who have read this book already. I think that the father’s character was representative of the times.  It also shows how people grieve differently.  The father loses his wife and therefore feels that in doing so, he has lost a part of himself and gives up on his children.  The end of this book was perfect, although I did go through a lot of boxes of tissue.

Closing Thoughts: I have read many historical fiction novels, and this is now one of my favorites.  I am looking forward to becoming more acquainted with Hannah’s work.  If you want a book that will make you cry and feel joy at the same time, all while being enthralled into a deep emotional moving story, then this is it.  Most definitely, a 5 star rating was deserved here.

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