Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake – Book Review

Author: Mazey Eddings

Publication Date: September 2022
Genre: Women’s Fiction

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Book Summary:
Lizzy Blake’s most desired thing is to be accepted and loved, but living with ADHD has made it difficult to be in long-term romantic relationships. After being stood up, and having a chance encounter with a hot Australian guy she meets on the same night, she ends up… pregnant!

Can Lizzy and Rake co-parent without the hot, steamy roll in the sack they had when they met? Isn’t that a loaded question!

My Thoughts:

I really liked this one. It’s a fun, easy, and super-steamy read that had me rooting for the couple from the beginning. I liked Lizzy and all her quirks. ADHD is well represented and provides insight into what it’s like living with it for those unfamiliar with the diagnosis. Rake is the perfect guy all around, sometimes a little too perfect even. But his little mishap at the end helped to ’round him out’.

There are a lot of detailed sexual scenes, so if reading about that makes you uncomfortable, stay clear, otherwise, enjoy!

Four Stars!

Cover Reveal: Twenty-Eight Years

Title: Twenty-Eight Years

Author: Telma Rocha

Publication Date: Summer 2022

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Women’s Fiction

A past love and a new romance have more in common than Jenna bargained for!

Book Summary: Jenna Taylor has it all, or so she thinks: a secure job as a journalist at a prestigious magazine in downtown Toronto, a steady relationship, and a bestie everyone wants. When her fiancé, Josh Harrison, gives her the ultimatum to start a family now or they’re over forever, she’s shocked and hurt. His sudden announcement forces Jenna to accept a much-anticipated promotion in Quebec City—one she would have turned down for him. The promotion comes at the most convenient time and the distance is just the perfect amount of space to start over and nurse her broken heart.

But, when Jenna meets Liam Garnier in Quebec City, the shocking resemblances between the two men unnerves her. Could it be possible that they just look alike—not likely! Jenna takes it upon herself to discover the truth. The reality of the situation comes with a lot of consequences: hurt the people she loves the most or remain quiet and keep the truth from Twenty-Eight years ago buried. Can Jenna live with what she knows and not tell the ones she loves, and can she do so without it tearing her apart?

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