Book Review: We’ll Meet Again

Author: Rhonda Forrest

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

This is book 3 of a trilogy.

SUMMARY: A few years have passed since the tragic war in Rabaul, New Guinea, where the Americans accidentally sink an unmarked Australian ship with Prisoners of War, thinking it was a Japanese ship. In this 3rd installment, we meet back up with Grace, whose father leaves her when she was little to fight in the war. When her father leaves he entrusts Grace to her mother who has other plans for her life which don’t include being a mom. So, Grace is adopted and for many years after, she talks to the evening star hoping to find her real father. After the war, Grace’s biological father goes on a relentless search for Grace but because her mother changed her surname the two remain separated. Grace is raised by a lovely couple, but when she meets the love of her life, Ewan, her father forces them to part not believing Ewan is good enough for his daughter. But every decision changes the course that’s planned. Every action causes a new chain reaction in our lives and will the young couple’s forced separation bring about the closure that Grace has dreamt of as a little girl?

My Thoughts: I loved this book with all my heart. I’m a big critic when it comes to series and trilogies, often finding that the first book is the best. But, Elizabeth’s Star trilogy proved me wrong. So Wrong. While I absolutely loved books one and two, book three, We’ll Meet Again, blew me away with its heartfelt words, and rich, loving characters. We’re first introduced to Grace in book one and it was there that I fell deeply in love with her. I was so happy to be reunited with Grace’s path and learn about her life as a young woman and follow her’s and Ewan’s fascinating journey. The descriptions were so vivid, and at times, I felt I was right there with them as their relationship blossomed.

The ending was just beautiful. I couldn’t have hoped for a more satisfying ending to such an amazing story about family, love and finding oneself.

Five Stars