craTitle: Crazy Rich Asians
Author: Kevin Kwan
Summary: Rachael’s Rich boyfriend of two years invites her to go on summer vacation in his home land, and attend his best friend’s wedding with him. Rachel does not know he comes from money, and she is not prepared for what she walks into.

My Review: I must be honest, for the amount of hype this book receives, I expected more. Overall, I liked it, but I did not love it. It took me a good hundred pages to become connected to the story and the characters, and I almost gave up, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I enjoyed it much more after the initial hundred pages. My main issue in the beginning was that too many characters were introduced too soon. There were too many different families to get to know, and too many different story lines happening all at once. I literally had to study the family trees in the front of the book to become better acquainted with each one. Once I made those connections I fell into a comfortable rhythm with the rest of the book.
This book has an interesting twist on relationships. I liked learning about the Asian culture, and the book title could not be any more fitting.
The secondary story had me intrigued, and I enjoyed the humor in the book.
I’m looking forward to the movie! I will also read the next books in the series eventually, but I am not rushing into them at the moment.

I rated this on my Good reads as a three star read.

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