Author: Dani Pasquini

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Synopsis:  Imagine being in your 40’s, and discovering that you have a past life that was ripped from you when you were a teenager, and you now have no recollection what so ever of this other life you used to live. That all the memories you have a child were implanted and are fake. Sounds intriguing? Well this is Lily’s painful story. After experiencing the worse kind of tragedy and loss, Lily is left completely broken, chattered to pieces. Lily can no longer cope with life, and she therefore attempts several suicides to try to escape herself, and the only life she thought she ever lived. This last suicide attempt changes everything for her. Suddenly, Lily discovers another life from her past that had been taken from her. She painfully learns that the childhood memories that she has are not real. Her childhood did not happen the way she remembers. She discovers she was genetically modified by a secret government agency as a child to have special abilities in order to help destroy enemies of war. She can manipulate the wind, fly, see into others internal bodies, create fire balls, and she is telepathic. Lily does not know how to use these abilities at first, and she must relearn everything that was a part of her forgotten past. Memories are soon returned full force and Lily discovers that she is not alone in this. She has a special link to another human that is stronger than any other relationship she has ever experienced. This connection is with Jona. Together, Lily and Jona fight through thick and thin, searching for long lost answers. Will they each find what they are looking for?

My Review: I really liked this book a lot.

It is refreshing to read an adult sci-fi with a mature main character female lead. I find most Sci-fi books that I have read lately have been Young Adult. It is nice to know that with maturity, the story line, plot and interest in the story are not scarified.

The story is told through Lily’s perspective. I connected instantly with Lily, her character is one that is real, has substance, and as a reader, you could almost feel her pain seeping through the pages. This pain that Lily carries, changes throughout the book to anger as she begins to learn truths, and its interesting to go through the different heavy emotions alongside Lily. Jonas as a major supporting character is well written, and I liked him too from the start. He is protective of Lily, and loves her with all his might, but not in a romantic sort of way, the love and connection these two shares is sibling like. They could not be any closer if they were twins.

My only questionable part of the book is the relationship between Lily and Jona. While I understand the closeness was to emphasize a sibling like love, I thought it was rather odd that the two would at times exhibit romantic gestures, such as sleeping in each others’ arms, and showering together. While this perfectly acceptable as children, I found those actions to be odd given they were both adults in their 40’s. In my opinion, I think this was all meant to be symbolic of their relationship, and nothing more.

This book is deep, some parts are sad, others invigorating. The plot is different from anything I have ever read.

The book is mostly Sci-fi but I do consider there to be some fantasy elements written in as well, particularly with the flying, and wind manipulating abilities. The story line is well constructed, and well written. It was not until the last page that I realized this was not a stand-alone book, and that there will be a book two, so I am extremely excited to read the next one!

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